Discovering Yemenia

Hi friends,

Sharing a recent coffee discovery: In 2020, Burlington’s Vivid Coffee brought an outstanding, lovely coffee to the US — an arabica species, wild in the forests of Ethiopia, that had travelled to Yemen when it was introduced to the trade world in 1454.

Called Yemenia, it’s unlike anything else I’ve tried.

This species adapted to the arid mountains of Yemen, which changed its genetics over time, making it distinctly different from Yemenia’s Ethiopian ancestors.

Vivid Coffee purchased a lot produced by the Mutawasat Community, an endeavor of 55 farmers from one of the most remote regions of Yemen.

I’m so grateful to be able to share this incredible coffee with you.

Yemenia is available here at Catalyst Coffee Bar in St. Albans as a siphon-brewed cup or 8oz retail bag for you to brew at home.

Siphon brewed: 16oz / 10
Retail bag: 8oz / 35

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