We served our very first cup of siphon coffee in May of 2016.

After experiencing vacuum-brewed coffee in cafes across the Pacific Northwest, we felt compelled to bring that same experience home to our small corner of northwestern Vermont.

10 Lake Street, Suite 2
Saint Albans, VT 05478
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In our travels we saw firsthand how much better ethically-sourced, mindfully roasted, and precisely-brewed coffee is for the farmers, roasters, baristas, and patrons. You can taste the difference.

We got lucky: Vermont has an incredible coffee scene. After connecting with local micro-roasters in the Burlington area—Brio Coffeeworks and Vivid Coffee—our dream of opening a boutique coffee shop in Saint Albans City became a reality.

It’s our sincere belief that coffee connects us in a deeply human way: It encourages community and sparks creativity. Coffee inspires change.

Simply put, coffee is a powerful catalyst for some of the best things in life.